Application Procedure

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Application Procedure

    1. Earn appropriate points needed for STF application (2 for domestic and 3 for international travel respectively).
    2. Complete the correct STF application (Type I, II, or III).
      Please fill out ALL blanks to the best of your knowledge. Your faculty advisor MUST sign the faculty affidavit.
    3. Type I ONLY:
      1. Provide an abstract of the research to be presented at the meeting.
      2. Provide proof of abstract acceptance from the meeting. This can be an e-mail from a conference representative, a copy of the conference program where your name and abstract title appear, or any other documentation that confirms your presentation at said conference.

        NOTE: Applications are often submitted before this documentation is available. Awards can be given PENDING receipt of all supporting documents prior to travel.

    4. Type II and III ONLY:
      1. Submit a statement of purpose describing what you will be doing during your internship or Type III travel and why it is necessary for the completion of your degree.

    5. Compile all documents together and e-mail them to by the application deadline based on when you will start your travel. These deadlines are outlined in the STF Travel Term Schedule table.

Application for funds does not guarantee receipt of funding. Applicants and awards recipients must be registered graduate students to receive reimbursement. 

Effective November 7, 2016:
STF has stopped accepting rolling applications for travel awards and has organized application deadlines for four travel terms. For example, if you are applying for an STF award to travel to a conference or internship in October, you will need to submit your application for Fall Travel by August 15th and you will receive notification of the final decision by August 31st. The recommended budget for individual travel terms is based on input of student interest. Applications for summer/fall MPS internships are recommended to apply for Summer Travel. Proof of abstract submission or internship acceptance is required to apply. Please email if you have any questions.

STF Travel Term Schedule

Travel Term Travel Months 
(When will you start travel?)
Application Deadline Decision Notification % of Annual Budget
Summer June, July, August
+ MPS Internship
May 15th May 31st 40%
Fall September, October, November August 15th August 31st 10%
Winter December, January, February December 1st December 15th 30%
Spring March, April, May February 15th February 28th 20%