TREX Plastic Bag Recycling

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Sustainability Initiative recycles plastic bags and film with Trex! If you see Trex bins on campus, they are for plastic bags (bread bags, case overwrap, ziploc, bubble wrap, amazon plastic envelopes to name a few!) typically not accepted in bulk recycling. Trex upcycles these plastics and recycled wood into composite decking. 

There are three bins on campus located:

Bin #1

MTLSSS Complex

Bin #1 is located near the sustain tank and elevator on 1st floor.

Bin #2

Marine and Atmospheric Science Library

Bin #2 is located in the SLAB library entrance hallway

Bin #3

Salt Waterfront Restaurant

Bin #3 is located outside of SALT

Some grocery stores also have these bins outside their stores.

Sustainability Initiative will be weighing and emptying these bins to Trex drop off locations - like the Winn Dixie on Key Biscayne. We exceeded 500 pounds collected so our Rosenstiel community won a Trex bench! Check out the Trex bench located on the lower patio of Salt.

Here is a Tiktok video talking about Trex and what goes in these bins!

As of January 23rd, 2023, we have diverted over 700 pounds of plastic bags (~60,000+ plastic bags!) from the landfill. We are on our way to a second bench!