Rosenstiel School Community Garden

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The Garden by the Sea is a student-run community garden space on the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School campus. There are four compost bins where students can bring organic waste to be composted and eventually used to fertilize the sandy soils. The Garden by the Sea is an experimental garden space where the diverse student body can plant what they like and work together to take care of whatever is growing. The garden produce is open to the students and teachers when available. Currently there is everything from tropical fruit plants, herbs, greens, root veggies, and tomatoes, and new plants are always being added! There are weekly garden days to keep the weeds in check and start new seeds or transplant plants. Occasional group trips are taken to the main campus garden and more trips to local community gardens are in the works for Spring 2022. We hope to see you all out at the Garden By the Sea in the near future!

The Garden Before


The Garden Now

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DIY Planting Day

Garden by the Sea has hosted DIY planting days using upcycled glass jars collected from the Rosenstiel community and plant cuttings from our garden. Rosenstiel community members chose the jar and the plant they wanted to create a new potted plant for their home or office. The DIY planting days have been a huge hit and we hope to host one every semester!

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EPA data show that food waste is the single most common material landfilled in the U.S., comprising 24% of landfills (USDA).. We want to do our part to divert food waste from landfills by composting. Our backyard compost takes food scraps (no dairy or meat/fish products) and paper products to break down into yummy soil we use to naturally fertilize our garden.

You can bring your compostable items to our 4 bins by the Garden by the Sea or sign up for Compost for Life, a compost collection service.