Professional Development Opportunities

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Annual Graduate Student Writing Workshop

Every year in January, author and science writer Dallas Murphy holds a weeklong, hands-on writing workshop at RSMAS for graduate students in their third year and up. Twelve students spend the week reading, discussing, and rewriting their manuscripts in progress and learning techniques to improve the clarity and impact of their writing. This workshop is highly effective and enjoyable, receiving outstanding reviews from students and faculty alike each year.

Field Experimentation

OCE provides opportunities for all students to join field campaigns and scientific cruises, even if observations are not a direct part of their research. These experiences help students develop teamwork and leadership skills, test their determination and endurance, and learn about state-of-the-art instrumentation and measurement techniques.

OCE Seminar Series

OCE graduate students present a 15-minute research seminar each year (starting in their second year) as part of our OCE seminar series. Fellow students provide formal feedback on presentation, slides, and content.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships are available to graduate students in their second and third years, providing opportunities to teach, grade, develop new materials, and lead laboratories in both our graduate and undergraduate programs.

Workshops and Conferences

OCE students attend conferences and workshops all over the world to present their research and learn about new scientific results. These meetings provide opportunities to improve presentation and discussion skills, to meet peers and build collaborations, and to network for job opportunities. Travel grants are available from the Graduate Studies Office.