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roland romeiser

Welcome to the graduate program in Ocean Sciences (OCE) at the Rosenstiel School! Our department is composed of faculty from a variety of sub-disciplines of the ocean sciences, covering research topics in the fields of physical, chemical, and biological oceanography, ocean engineering, and remote sensing science. This multidisciplinarity is reflected in our course offerings and in the structure of our Ph.D. program, which gives you a choice between four major research concentrations: Ocean Dynamics, Air-Sea Interaction and Remote Sensing, Marine Biogeochemistry, and Marine Biophysical Interactions. Students of our program get involved in field experiments (research cruises) and laboratory experiments with state-of-the-art equipment, and they have access to unique facilities such as the large wind-wave tank SUSTAIN, the satellite data receiving and processing station CSTARS, and the new Aircraft Center for Earth Studies (ACES). In addition to our own OCE courses, you can take courses of the programs of Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, and other Ph.D. programs of the University of Miami.

Our Ph.D. students are typically supported for three years as a research assistant on a faculty-led research grant and for two years as a Rosenstiel School-sponsored teaching assistant. We offer competitive stipends to our students, currently about $40k per year, and we provide health insurance. We also offer M.S. degrees, and – for those in a hurry to enter the workforce – Master of Professional Science degrees with specializations in Applied Remote Sensing and Natural Hazards and Catastrophes.

Prof. Roland Romeiser
Graduate Program Director