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Track A) Coastal Engineering

This track focuses on the engineering issues related to coastal resilience, Including both natural and built systems that are subject to loadings from waves, currents, and wind. An important aspect of this track is the specification of design loads from wind, waves, and currents and will have components relevant to both offshore and coastal problems. Fundamental aspects of flow around rigid bodies, flow induced vibrations and structural response and sediment transport and erosion will also be addressed. The course content will then highlight the synthesis of the design loadings and structural response for relevant ocean engineering problems. There will be a focus on engineering of coastal structures including residential, civil and industrial infrastructure.

Required Courses in Track A

OCE 780: Capstone Lab based course on structure/fluid interaction
OCE 609: Coastal Engineering

And 2* additional courses that can include:

CAE 610 Structural Mechanics
CAE 611 Advanced Structural Analysis

Track B) Remote Sensing and Maritime Security

This track focuses on remote sensing techniques in particular as they apply to maritime safety and security. Courses will cover the physics and principles of electromagnetic waves in the microwave, visible and infrared frequencies, acoustic and seismic waves. Students will learn about current technologies applicable to threat detection and mitigation including threats from criminal activities, illegal immigration, piracy, and terrorism. The technologies of interest will include: satellite, aircraft and land-based radar and optical remote sensing, underwater acoustic surveillance, and infrared techniques applied to ship detection; X-Ray scanning, Gamma Ray scanning, radiation detection and Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) applied to cargo. The final cap-stone course will give the students hands-on experience at UM’s state-of-the-art CSTARS (Center for Southeastern Tropical Remote Sensing) facility.

Required Courses in Track B

OCE 780: Capstone applied problems in remote sensing course
OCE XXX: Maritime Systems Technologies

And 2* of the following:

OCE 635: Intro to underwater acoustics
ECE XXX: Underwater Imaging
OCE 642: Physics of Remote Sensing
OCE 790:  Air-Sea Interaction

*Students in a 4+1 program in UM College of Engineering will only be required to take 1 of these courses and in addition, another course will be waived based on the interest and background of the student.