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Welcome to our campus! Meet Emma

00:21 Beginning in the center of our campus.

Campus map and contact information

01:02 See our dock and fleet of boats

Small boats

03:28 Meet Miguel McKinney and tour the RV Walton Smith

Walton Smith

12:08 Learn about our new Scientific Diving Training Facility

UM Scientific Diving

Science Diving Facebook

Science Diving Instagram


13:11 Welcome to SLAB! Hear about the Graduate Studies Office, and different rooms and departments in the areas 


14:17 Check out one of the two MPS Student Lounges

14:54 Hear about the Graduate Studies Office (GSO) and details on our graduate programs

Graduate Studies

PhD Assistantships

MPS page

15:23 Emma explains differences between MS and MPS

16:45 Head to the second floor for the Ocean Sciences Department (OCE)

OCE department

17:12 Dr. Kim Popendorf discusses her Chemical Oceanography lab

OCE Labs

20:42 Meet Annie, the Rosenstiel School librarian, to hear about our library and the resources it has to offer!

Library page


25:27 Enter the Marine Technology & Life Sciences Seawater Complex-MTLSS

0:25:46 Meet Brian Haus, Chair of OCE Department & Director of the SUSTAIN Lab


SUSTAIN Facebook

27:57 Hear about the Coral Reef Futures Lab from PhD student, Liv Williamson

Coral Reef Futures

Coral Reef Futures Instagram

Coral Reef Futures Facebook

30:55 Head from one coral lab to the next to learn more about the Marine Biology and Ecology Department

MBE department 

31:04 Benthic Ecology Lab with Dr. Diego Lirman

BE Lab

Spawning restored corals

Rescue a Reef Site:

Rescue a Reef Facebook:

Rescue a Reef Instagram:

35:01 Dr. Chris Langdon’s Ocean Acidification Lab

OA Lab

OA Facebook 

Hear from Dr. Langdon

39:18 Aplysia Lab

Aplysia Lab

42:10 Dr. Danielle McDonald and the Toadfish Lab

Toadfish Lab

Toadfish Instagram

Toadfish Facebook

45:52 Leave MTLSS to head to our Aquaculture Facility

En route to Hatchery

46:29 Hear about CIMAS and our NOAA partnerships!


Experimental Hatchery

47:37 Meet Dr. John Stieglitz to tour our aquaculture facility

Aquaculture lab

Aquaculture Instagram


53:14 Welcome to Grosvenor

53:46 Dr. Hammerschlag’s Shark Research and Conservation Lab

SRC Lab page -

SRC Facebook

SRC Instagram -

57:11 Tour the rest of Grosvenor to hear about the print shop, faculty, and the photo contest

Underwater Photo contest

Dr. Kenny Broad and NatGeo

Dr. Fritz Hanselmann exploring shipwrecks

Environmental Science and Policy Department

Marine Geosciences Department


1:00:38 Head to the Marine Science Center- see CIMAS, the Auditorium, classrooms & the 2nd MPS lounge

1:02:32 MPS Lounge

MPS Tracks

1:04:25 RSMAS Climate Research, the Graduate Student Organization, and our sustainability garden with Kayla Besong

ATM Department:

Climate Research Facebook:


1:07:49 SALT Waterfront Restaurant

1:08:53 Outreach program Students for Students with Kelsey Malloy

Students for Students

 1:10:01:15 Canes on Canes with Quinton Lawton

Canes on Canes page:

1:11:22 End with our beach front view!

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